Modelling Matter

Artists: Aldo Chaparro and Antonio Santin

1st February- 18th April 2018

Modelling Matter

Aldo Chapparo (b. 1965 Lima, Peru, lives and works in Mexico City) is a trained sculptor and best known for his distorted stainless steel sculptures and is known for expanding the boundaries that separate art from other disciplines, making of this frontier his central theme. Throughout his career, under the influence of artists like Michaelangelo Pistolleto, Robert Morris, and Jorge Luis Borges, reflection and mirroring have been key points of his investigation.

But no matter which type of medium he chooses for his artworks, his practice centers around a process of capturing a moment of the present. He developed a performance-like transformation process in which he unleashes the energy and force from his body onto stainless steel, wood or canvases. Chaparro likes to capture movement and the energy of a moment to create an abstract relief on a two-dimensional surface

Antonio Santin (b. 1978 in Madrid, lives and works in New York) is known for his hyper-realistic, dramatic paintings depicting skillfully executed ornamental tapestries. Santin’s paintings – including his earlier, large series of portraits – seem to be the results of the forces of light and dark, of the visible and the hidden. Similar to the techniques of tenebrism and chiaroscuro that the famous painters Caravaggio and da Vinci introduced to European painting in the 15th and 16th century, Santin is able to depict dramatic scenarios not only of human expression but even of textile folds – the latter with a humorous lightness.

He creates a visceral tension between surface and space with a range of techniques that incorporate both the technical foundations of classical painting and unexpected alterations to the qualities of oil paint to re-assemble the sensory experiences of everyday life.