Hiroe Saeki

Divinity, Duality & The Cosmos

14th September - 21st October, 2023

Hiroe Saeki

Hiroe Saeki


Galerie ISA is proud to welcome Osaka born artist Hiroe Saeki (b.1978, lives and works in Marseille, France) for a debut solo show titled, Divinity, Duality And The Cosmos.

This series beautifully captures the artist’s rejuvenated sense of awe and happiness, as Saeki revisits her artistic origins, completing a full circle in her body of work.

Putting together a solo show for the Japanese artist involves creating a story of origin and consequence, intuitively mapping the space, and visualizing the entire narrative. This process allows Saeki to forge ahead, both practically-the end of one drawing leads to the beginning of the next-and theoretically. Saeki’s process mirrors an ongoing internal journey that manifests in her work–the recent death of her father excavating childhood memories; the simultaneous exploration of her philosophy of existence; the continuing quest for answers, for the alchemy of living joyfully, all culminating in a newfound appreciation of the beauty and wonder of nature, time and space.

This exposition requires a change in materiality. Strong French watercolor paper, soaked with water and stretched on wooden panels, gives the works a softness but also an interesting dimensionality. This allows Saeki to simultaneously bring in a new spatial awareness and also express the idea of an unseen world; a way to appreciate the presence of a void and to see the beauty in silence. Saeki’s use of ink expresses a greater transparency, a lucidity in thought and action, and at the same time, a definitiveness.

What remains constant in Saeki’s work is a beautiful tension-of planning and spontaneity, of the conscious and unconscious, of the macro and the micro, of the divine and earthlythat only intensifies her purpose. An unraveling of the concept of duality, the cyclical nature of life, of death and rebirth reigns supreme. The emergence of motifs in a void containing the past, present and future, and the use of flowers as a symbol of life, reflect in Hiroe Saeki’s work, reinforcing her conviction that the afterlife is part of our present.

The idea of the divine married with ritual and memory is the cornerstone and the motivation for this series. Saeki delves into multiple perspectives to authentically represent not only her own narrative but a larger journey-from the individual to the cosmic.

Priyanka R Khanna