1969 Born in Berlin, DE
Lives and works in Berlin, DE


1997 Student of the Master Class of Professor Dieter Hacker, Berlin, DE
1996 MA Academy of Fine Arts (UdK), Berlin, DE


2000 Scholarship (NaFög) UdK, Berlin, DE
2000 Scholarship, travel grant for Egypt, EG


2017 Blain|Southern, Berlin, DE (forthcoming)
Galerie Isa, Mumbai, IN (forthcoming)
MAMboMuseoD’ArteModerna di Bologna, Bologna, IT (forthcoming)
2016 HälfteSchläfe, Produzentengalerie, Hamburg, DE
2014 Jonas Burgert, STÜCK HIRN BLIND, Blain|Southern, London, UK
2013 Sticht: Jonas Burgert, Produzentengalerie, Hamburg, DE
Hannover Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, DE (cat)
2012 Gift gegenZeit / Poison Against Time, Blain|Southern, Berlin, DE (cat.)
2011 Jonas Burgert: Lebendversuch, KunsthalleKrems, AT(cat.)
2010 Jonas Burgert: Lebendversuch, KunsthalleTübingen, DE (cat.)
Jonas Burgert, Produzentengalerie Hamburg, DE
2009 Jonas Burgert. Hitting Every Head. Haunch of Venison, London, UK (cat.)
2008 Jonas Burgert: Enigmatic Narrative, Victoria H. Myhren Gallery, University of Denver, US (cat.)
Zweiter Tag Nichts, curated by Cydney Payton, MCA Denver, Promenade Space, US
Jonas Burgert, Arndt & Partner, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, DE
Kopfschluss, StadtgalerieSchwaz, AT
2006 Jonas Burgert, Produzentengalerie Hamburg, DE (cat.)


2016 Day dreaming with Stanley Kubrick, Somerset House, London, UK
I Prefer Life, Weserburg Museum fur ModerneKunst, Bremen, DE
Group Show, 12 Solos, Blain|Southern, Berlin, DE
2015 The Figure in Process: de Kooning to Kapoor, 1955- 2015, Pivot Art + Culture, Seattle, US
NGORONGORO – Artist Weekend, Studiobuildings, Lehderstrasse, Berlin-Weissensee, DE
2014 – 2015 Dark Chambers, Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent, BE
2014 Touch, GalerieHartwich, Berlin, DE
Out Of Our Heads, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK
Kolibri, EhemaligesBallhausKolibri I Gartenstrasse/Hofgebäude I D Building, Berlin, DE
2013 Viewing Room, All Visual Arts, The Crypt, London, UK
2012 Metamorphosis: The Transformation of Being, All Visual Arts, London, UK
ALLES WASSER, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Berlin, DE
2011 VieleKöpfe / Many Heads, Produzentengalerie, Hamburg, DE
ZweiSammler, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, DE
Memories of the Future, The Olbricht Collection, La Maison Rouge, Paris, FR
Schach!!, KunstmuseumMühlheim an der Ruhr, DE
2010 DAYDREAMING, with James Lavelle, UK
2008 Rubben – Booked for killing a policeman, Laden fuerNichts, Leipzig, DE
2007 The teardrop explodes, StadtgalerieSchwaz, AT
Strange Brew, Max Lang Gallery, New York, US
Weltempfänger, Galerie der Gegenwart/Kunsthalle Hamburg, DE
The Aggression of Beauty, Arndt & Partner, Berlin, DE
Rockers Island, Olbricht Collection, Folkwang Museum, Essen, DE (cat.)
Fullhouse – Malereiaus der Sammlung Falckenberg, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, DE
Wonderwall, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2006 The Triumph of Painting Part VI, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2005 Rainbow; a painting show, GalerieSfeir-Semler, Beirut, LB
FRAKTALE IV, Tod, Palast der Republik Berlin, DE (cat.)
Geschichtenerzähler, Hamburger Kunsthalle, DE (cat.)
Ratatouille, Galerie 20.21, Essen, DE
2004 1. BerlinerKunstsalon, Arena Berlin, DE (cat.)
2003 Biennale of Painting, Stockholm, SE (cat.)
Das mystischeParadoxon in der BildendenKunst des 20.Jahrhunderts, Kunsthalle Erfurt, DE (cat.)
Dis-Positiv, Staatsbank Berlin, DE
2002 Rohkunstbau, Stipendiaten, Berlin, DE
FRAKTALE III, Rohbau U Bahnhof Reichstag Berlin, DE (cat.)
IX Rohkunstbau, WasserschloßGroßLeuthen, DE (cat.)
Hic etNunc, Villa ManinPassariano, IT (cat.)
2001 FRAKTALE II, Pfefferberg Berlin, DE
Nacht der Akademie, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, DE
2000 FraktaleExzerpt, Sophienhöfe Berlin, DE
Kunst am Bau, Lenze Forum, Hameln, DE
FRAKTALE I, Parochialkirche Berlin, DE
1999 JungeAkademie, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, DE (cat.)
Founding of exhibition project FRAKTALE, Berlin, DE
1998 JungeAkademie, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, DE


2014 Dark Chambers. On Melancholia and Depression, Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent, Uitgeverij Hannibal
A Brush With The Real, Figurative Painting Today, Marc Valli&MargheritaDessanay, Laurence King Publishing Ltd., London, UK
2013 Jonas Burgert: Schutt und Futter, VeitGörner and Dorothée Brill, Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König
2012 Jonas BurgertTricksplitt, Sparkasse Essen, DE
Gift gegenZeit, Blain|Southern, Dr. Dorothee Brill and Louisa Elderton, Blain|Southern, UK
2010 Jonas Burgert.Lebendversuch, KunsthalleKrems, KunsthalleTűbingen, Daniel J. Schreiber and Hans-Peter Wipplinger, Verlag Der Buchhandlung Walther Kőnig, Cologne, DE
2009 Jonas Burgert. Hitting Every Head, Von Claudia Stockhausen, Haunch of Venison, London, UK
2008 Jonas Burgert – GIFT Von Karin Pernegger, Wolfgang Schoppman, two monsters agency, Dusseldorf, DE
Jonas Burgert. Enigmatic Narrative, Denver Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Victoria H. Myhren Gallery, Denver, US
2007 Rockers Island, Olbricht Collection, Folkwang Museum, Essen, DE
2006 Jonas Burgert – Catalogue, Produzentengalerie, Text Margit Brehm & Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Hamburg, DE
2005 FRAKTALE IV, Tod, Palast der Republik Berlin, Berlin, DE
Geschichtenerzähler, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, DE
2004 1. Berliner, Kunstsalon, Arena Berlin, DE
2003 Das mystischeParadoxon in der BildendenKunst des 20. Jahrhunderts, Kunsthalle Erfurt, DE
Biennale of Painting, Stockholm, SE
2002 FRAKTALE III, Rohbau U Bahnhof Reichstag Berlin, DE
IX Rohkunstbau, WasserschloßGroßLeuthen, DE
Hic et Nunc, Villa ManinPassariano, IT
1999 JungeAkademie, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, DE


Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, DE
Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, US
SammlungOlbricht, Berlin, DE
SammlungFalckenberg, Hamburg, DE
Sammlung Sander, Berlin, DE
Rubell Family Art Collection, Miami, US
Burger Collection, Hong Kong, CN

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Jonas Burgert’s paintings present a world in which time is suspended, once removed from our perception of the every-day. In this paradigm – an environment which is in constant flux – human beings are depicted as unique, contorted creatures both familiar and fantastical. Often naked, sometimes splashed with the artist’s trademark fluorescent colours – a melange of acid yellows, electric blues, purples, pinks and reds – each appears to be engaged in some form of quest, the purpose of which is not immediately apparent to the viewer or, it seems, to themselves. They appear as dream-like figures, frozen in a moment of time – on the cusp of a revelation or point of awakening. The effect on the viewer is unsettling, creating a climate in which they themselves are drawn into an examination of their own temporal struggles.

The narratives in his paintings don’t have much to do with the stories films and books can tell us – rather they are allegories for making paintings. Related in places which could be studios like those you used to be able to find in shut-down factories and condemned houses in Berlin after the Wall came down. Something of the light of a glorious past flares up, just like the experience of guilt and grief does. Under the floorboards, dark abysses open up, walls fall and reveal space as wide landscapes or dark cellars, doors swing open – a Beyond is not excluded.

Considered within the context of imaginative figurative painting, from Hieronymus Bosch through to portraits by Rembrandt and Van Dyke, Burgert is unparalleled in his contemporary construction of the figurative realm. However, while the paintings are unique spectacles in themselves, they exist only to allow the artist to meditate on the myriad complexities and conflicts of the human psyche. As Burgert says: ‘It seems to me that we are human beings that recognise ourselves without actually understanding ourselves. This leads to a grotesque situation: man’s battle with his own mirror image, struggling to define himself.’

Jonas Burgert graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, in 1996 and consecutively studied for a post graduate title (Meisterschueler) under Professor Dieter Hacker in Berlin. Since 1998, his work has been on view in numerous important shows around the world and he has clearly been positioned as one of the most important figurative painter’s of his generation. In January 2017,Burgert will have his major institutional show at the MAMboMuseoD’ArteModerna di Bologna, Bologna, Italy. His works can be found in several important collections around the world like the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, DE, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, US, to name a few. The artist lives and works in Berlin.