Edouard Baribeaud


1984 Born in France
2008 Diploma of École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris
Lives and works in Berlin

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 An Old Story for Our Modern Times, Galerie Judin, Berlin
2016 The Nocturnal Vault, Galerie Isa, Mumbai
2015 The Hour of the Gods, Galerie Judin, Berlin
2012 Sao Jorge, Reh Kunst, Berlin
Hic Sunt Leones, Nolan Judin, Berlin
2011 Edouard Baribeaud & Chris Johnson, Pavillon Blanc – Centre d’art de
Colomiers/ Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse, France
Der Flug der Eule, Galerie Tät, Berlin Brume d’espace, Galerie du Crous, Paris

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Shaping Space, Galerie Isa, Mumbai
2016 Between The Worlds, XXII. Rohkunstbau, Berlin
Vexillology#2, Kunstverein Amrum, Germany
2015 DEVOUR! Sozialer Kannibalismus, politische Neudefinierung und Architektur,
KunstKraftWerk, Leipzig DEVOUR! Sozialer Kannibalismus, politische
Neudefinierung und Architektur, Freies Museum/ SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin
2014 Mauvaises Graines, Topographie de l’art, Paris
2012 Le bruit du dessin, Villa du Parc – Centre d’art contemporain, Annemasse,
France 2010 Artist Books, PR1 Gallery, Preston, United Kingdom
RE-MOLLUSK, Galerie Bongout, Berlin
Ein Fest für Boris, Akt 2, Galerie Vittorio Manalese, Berlin
Artist in residence – Stipendiaten der Jahre 2008 und 2009,
Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, Germany
Vice@LU 2.0, Lieu Unique – Scène nationale de Nantes, France

Monographs And Catalogues

2013 Au Pavillon des Lauriers, Nieves Books, Zurich
2012 Hic Sunt leones, Solo ma non troppo, Paris
2011 Les larmes de Hegel, Ollendorff & Desseins, Berlin
2010 Tutto è santo, Café royal books, United Kingdom
Wanderung, Nieves Books, Zurich

Back Press Release

Galerie ISA is pleased to present Edouard Baribeaud’s first solo exhibition in India, entitled: “The Nocturnal Vault”. The show is comprised of a series of works inspired by Indian miniature paintings of the Mughal era, which the artist encountered during a research trip to India in 2014. In line with the centuries-old fascination of merging differing artistic styles, histories and realities across cultures, Baribeaud has succeeded in demonstrating a powerful and innovative conflation of the Indian miniature style, Western art historical sujets and contemporary everyday life elements in his stage-like sceneries.

In the work titled Hold Onto Me, the viewer observes a woman’s back against a puzzling mise en scene of intense patterns and shapes. While the depiction of the female figure is clearly reminiscent of the well known motif the “Grande Odalisque”, by the French orientalist Jean August Dominique Ingre, a closer look at the work not only reveals some common woollen socks on the woman’s feet but also the characteristic complexity of Baribeaud’s unique depiction of the setting: the figure is positioned on a bizarre element that oscillates between a lightening-struck tree trunk and a piece of concrete shaped by a futuristic casting mould. Opposite her, the scenery unfolds into an unusual draping of a background panel of ornamental patterns: a pitch-black colour-field that seems to crawl from nowhere into the scene and a headless visual citation of a masterpiece of the Italian Early Renaissance on a flat, cloud shaped piece of stage decor. Textile patterning and lush plant life convert easily into a mural or a stage décor, the everyday becomes the exceptional, the known morphs into the unknown.

The artworks in “The Nocturnal Vault” assemble various motifs, moods, scenes and figures from ancient époques, disparate cultures and contemporary contexts, each creating a visual excerpt from a distinctive little world that contains peculiar stories. Baribeaud confronts the viewer with a story half told, leaving him or her with a desire to extend the scene in order to discover the broader context, like film stills waiting to be played. What links the individual artworks is the artist’s emphasis on depicting various twilight zones between dusk and dawn, evoking situations and moments of the in-between and capturing the beauty of mutability.

Background on the artist:
Born in 1984 to a French father and a German mother, Edouard Baribeaud was brought up in France and studied book illustration and printmaking at Paris’ prestigious École Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. In 2010 he moved to Berlin, where he has since created an impressive body of works on paper. His work is characterised by his bilingualism and dual cultural identity. Baribeaud has an astonishing command of the classical techniques (pen and ink drawing, painting in watercolours and gouache paint) – and delights in mixing them freely, combining seemingly incompatible styles within the same drawing. He likes to contrast the mundane with the mythical, to lead archaic figures through modern landscapes – and in so doing, to blend real personal experiences with invented memories.